Hello there!

I'm Shubham Bansal

Hello there, I am Shubham Bansal.

I live in Chicago with my Wife and Daughter.

I like Programming, Reading, Travel and Squash. I am @shubhambansal on twitter.


This is a list of things I try to do everyday. This list is inspired by Jack Dorsey’s talk at Startup School. I look at this list first thing every morning, a bunch of times during the day and right before I go to sleep.

Things to do.

  • Drink only wine during the week.
  • Be present and slow things down. Breathe.
  • Drink 4 glasses of water.
  • Sleep atleast 7 hours.
  • Ship something everyday.
  • Sit and stand straight.

Things to avoid.

  • Don’t drink hard liquor or beer during the week.
  • Don’t eat sugar during the week.
  • Don’t wait for things to happen.