Hello there!

I'm Shubham Bansal

Hello there, I am Shubham Bansal.

I live in Chicago with my Wife and Daughter.

I like Programming, Reading, Travel and Squash. I am @shubhambansal on twitter.

Goals for Year 2014

This is a list of personal goals that I would like to achieve in the coming year. The main focus is to be as specific as possible so that it could be measured easily through out the year.

Get 100 paying customers for Unagi

I would like to get a 100 paying customers for Unagi this year. I am going to actively market the application and reach out to people via email/linkedin/twitter. My goal is to send out atleast 365 cold emails this year. I am also going to try and lurk around the forums where discussions around ERP systems happen.

Get healthier

The goal is to get to 170 pounds by June 2014 and 160 pounds by end of year. I am going to play squash atleast 4 times a week and start working out a few times a week. As far as eating better is concerned, I am going to cut the meat consumption and not eat any meat Tuesdays and Thursdays.

No credit card debt

I am going to pay off all the credit cards each month and carry no debt at all.

Save more money

I was not super comfortable sharing the numbers publically here but I have a sense of the exact amount that I would like to save this year. May be I would publish that at some time.

Ship something everyday

I would like to ship atleast one thing everyday. This could be a blog post or piece of code or anything else. As long a commit is made to Github, it counts

Write 1000 words everyday

I would like to get in the habit of writing every day. It doesn’t matter whether I am writing a blog post, documentation, white paper, email course, copy for the web site, it counts. All I need to do is to write 1000 words.